We are an international shipping company with many years of experience. We have been IFS certifi ed since 2013. That means you can expect maximum quality during food transport transactions. Our dispatchers speak various languages (German, English, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian to name a few). This simplifies communication between hauler, forwarding agent and customer.

From us, you always receive prompt and honest information because we are in constant contact with our drivers and all of our trucks are monitored by GPS. Each of our vehicles is equipped with a temperature recorder incl. printer. That means we can provide a complete temperature log for your transport. Our fleet contains double-floor and flower semi-trailers. We have been working with large food companies for years, with consistent and reliable quality. We have been able to expand our fleet and our company steadily.

Team Germany

Francesco Polentino (General Manager)
Phone: +49 8141 36 36 511
E-Mail: polentino@frama-logistics.com

Matteo Putignano (General Manager)
Phone: +49 8141 36 36 512
E-Mail: putignano@frama-logistics.com

Dalibor Stanic (Dispatcher)
Phone: +49 8141 36 36 521
E-Mail: stanic@frama-logistics.com

Matteo Silvestri (Dispatcher)
Phone: +49 8141 36 36 518
E-Mail: silvestri@frama-logistics.com

Christian Steeb (Dispatcher)
Phone: +49 8141 36 36 524
E-Mail: steeb@frama-logistics.com

Iwona Smuga (Order entry)
Phone: +49 8141 36 36 517
E-Mail: smuga@frama-logistics.com

Nikoletta Gärtner (Accounting)
Phone: +49 8141 36 36 513
E-Mail: gaertner@frama-logistics.com

Team Poland

Adrian Kierył (Dispatcher)
Phone: +48 514 190 978
E-Mail: dispo.pl@frama-logistics.com

Marcin Rowiński (Fleet Manager)
Phone: +48 537 171 127
E-Mail: rowinski@frama-logistics.com

Kinga Rowińska (Accounting)
Phone: +48 697 158 820
E-Mail: rowinska@frama-logistics.com